“Knowledgeable in Security and Protection”

KSP Inc. is a security company providing total security measures in terms of facility security, event security, personal security, and machine security. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding, we changed the company name to KSP, which stands for Knowledgeable in Security and Protection, building trust and generating results. As security experience in Japan gets worse, we will be put in charge to assist police in the future, we have been working on reforms to protect communities by seeking the quality of security and training under police guidance/supervision.


Event security

We will make plans taking into consideration the projected number of visitors, weather, and geographical information etc.


Facility security

We will make appropriate plans monitoring the entire facility while protecting clients’ properties (humans, objects, and information).


Machine security

Remote monitoring for 24/7 using censors/surveillance cameras etc. We will have plans suitable for your facilities.


Doornet Division

A professional guardsman takes you from door to door ensuring your safety.

Our philosophy of learning and growing together comes from “a grateful heart”

Since 1962 security services were created as part of the new service industries in Japan, they have grown exponentially for the needs of a society having a large economic growth. Current social circumstances as well as our daily lives, have gone through dramatic changes, resulting in a very diverse era by introducing technologies related to high-level information, computers, and electronics, which further complicated social structures, like mechanization and the spread of rational systems. It is inevitable to have more and more social requirements from now on.
We founded our company in October of 1985 and, as one aspect we provide security, we also try to properly understand what has been happening in the social circumstances of each period and responding promptly to customers needs. We also kept rational management in mind for the processing of information and making our work go quicker by effectively using computers. Over the years, we could increase our sales steadily and create a large trust.

Our company has a philosophy based on educating our employees with a “grateful heart.” Security is mainly made up of people and they are a fundamental base and a precious asset. It is after all, people who manipulate and manage their tasks, even though our work has become mechanized and computerized. Not wanting to diminish the trustful relationship with customers, we place “caring” and gratitude as the most important theme in educating our employees. We conduct our business ensuring that all of our employees are aware of the situation of contributing to customers needs with the mind set of learning and growing together and placing an extra effort on preserving and nurturing human resources.

Founder: Tetsuo Misumi

Company Philosophy

“Knowledgeable in Security and Protection”

Professional Safety Group

Company Mission

We provide a high standard of safety and assurance, and we protect the social stability and order, as well as human life and property.

Management Approach

Our company aim is the growth of our owner, the welfare of our employees and their families, and the stability and development of our business.

Guiding Principles for Conduct

We contribute to society’s safety and assurance by valuing discipline and courtesy, and showing honesty and trust.

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