We proudly introduce our total security firm called KSP Corporation.


Event security

We will make plans taking into consideration the projected number of visitors, weather, and geographical information etc.


Facility security

We will make appropriate plans monitoring the entire facility while protecting clients’ properties (humans, objects, and information).


Machine security

Remote monitoring for 24/7 using censors/surveillance cameras etc. We will have plans suitable for your facilities.


Doornet Division

A professional guardsman takes you from door to door ensuring your safety.

Event security

For event security, it is crucial to understand the situation beforehand. Needless to say, there have been serious incidents in the industry, and security has been the focal point of a specially large event. Taking into consideration the number of projected visitors, weather, and geographical information of surrounding areas (parking and public transportation etc.), we will come up with detailed plans suitable under any circumstances. On the day of the event, we will support the event to ensure that there is no accident as well as making sure that every visitor will return home with a smile on their face.

Facility security

We will ensure safety keeping visitors safe from harm at supermarkets, buildings, schools, banks, department stores, hospitals, shopping districts, factories, and warehouses etc. We will cover various security activities such as access control, monitoring the coming and going of people and vehicles at facilities and sites, which takes place at entrances and exits, patrol duties finding suspicious persons and suspicious objects early, and monitoring abnormalities under emergency at disaster centers etc. among others. Also, we will work on machine security at the same time. KSP has professional human resources trained through our own curriculum based on accumulated expertise. We will offer an appropriate security plan for protecting your properties (humans, objects, and information) while monitoring the entire building/facility with expertise on facility security.

Machine security

KSP Online Guard System (Crime prevention, disaster prevention, and equipment, etc.) remote monitoring device. By installing various censors and surveillance cameras, we will remotely monitor abnormalities 24/7 from the pre-installed Disaster prevention monitoring panels and equipment monitoring panels etc.. When abnormal signals are detected, we will send our personnel from the nearest site to the site in question to check the abnormality and take an initial action preventing or containing damages. Depending on the situation, we will report to police, fire department, and facility-related personnel and take an appropriate action to minimize damages. We offer system plans suited for each facility such as spot monitoring to focus on a certain area and customized economical security plans focusing on smaller buildings.

Doornet Division (pick-up – personal protection)

Personal protection. Known as bodyguard, generally thought of it as a service offered to company executives and VIPs from overseas. However, it’s more closely related to daily lives. For instance, children going to after-school schools, protecting clients from civil suits such as stalking, protecting mental patients from trouble as they enter the hospital etc. We offer security service “Door-door kun.” The official name is multi-safety service “Door-door kun.”

  • Marutai is “personal protection”
  • Safety is “safety/security”
  • Service is “offering”

Our company offers a door-to-door service while protecting our client’s personal safety.
Currently, we extend our services to nurseries, day services, hospitals, and companies etc.
We will meet your needs such as time, whether in the morning or the evening, and days of the week only.
It’s too late if something happens…
Please leave it up to a professional bodyguard.
We look forward to hearing from you.

>Doornet Division

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